SF2 Bluetooth Communication System


SF2 Bluetooth Communication System

Built for communicating with another rider, the SF2 Bluetooth Communication System provides 2-way intercom communication up to 800 m (880 yards) in open terrain. The SF2 also lets riders enjoy smartphone connectivity allowing for music streaming, taking and making phone calls, and hearing turn-by-turn GPS directions. Plus, with the Audio Multitasking™ feature, riders can simultaneously listen to music and use the intercom, so you are never disconnected. Plus, with the Quick Charging capabilities, you will be ready to start your ride in no time.

Hook and Loop Fasteners for Speakers
Hook and Loop Fasteners for Wired Microphone
Microphone Sponges
Hook and Loop Fasteners for Boom Microphone
Boom Microphone Holder
Quick Clamp Kit
USB Power & Data Cable (USB type-C)

2 Year Warranty

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