The Sena pi is a universal Bluetooth® Intercom system that turns your favorite outdoor-sport helmet into a Sena smart helmet with 2-way Bluetooth intercom. A compact headset, pi’s design makes it easy to attach to most cycling or skating helmets, or any other helmet with a strap width of up to 18 mm (0.7 inches). Device operation utilizes a two-button layout located on the left speaker. Just clip the Sena pi to your helmet straps, hold the buttons to turn on the device, and #RideConnected!

Bluetooth 4.1

2-Way Intercom

HD Intercom

Intercom Range 400 m

Multi-Language Voice Prompts

Easy 2-Button Operation


The sleek design of the pi universal multi-sport Bluetooth® intercom houses Sena’s stellar Bluetooth communication system in a compact, easy-to-mount package. pi features 2-Way HD Intercom allowing you to pair your headset to a friend’s to instantly communicate; no cell phone or data service needed! Working within an effective range of up to 400 m (0.25 mi), the pi comes equipped with a talk time of up to 6 hours.


Whatever outdoor activity you enjoy with a friend, wind noise can be disruptive to your conversation. Thanks to Advanced Noise Control™, that’s not a problem with the pi universal multi-sport Bluetooth intercom. This feature diminishes ambient noise such as strong winds, ensuring your audio is transmitted clearly to your buddy. Going on a solo trip? Pair your smartphone to pi via Bluetooth connectivity. Listen to your music, hear GPS navigation, and even take phone calls, all hands-free!


Bluetooth 4.1

The benefits of Bluetooth 4.1 with the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for connecting to Sena’s smartphone apps.

2-Way Intercom

Connect to another headset for a rider-to-rider conversation.

HD Intercom

High-definition communication between users.

Intercom Range 400 m

Maximum distance operating within optimal conditions.

Multi-Language Voice Prompts

Spoken audio cues from the headset across 11 languages.

Easy 2-Button Operation

Operate the headset using only 2 buttons.

Advanced Noise Control™

Advanced Noise Control™ reduces the effects of ambient noise during intercom conversations.

Smart Intercom Pairing

Pair devices through smartphone QR scanning.

Sena Smartphone Apps

Allow you to configure device settings, access the User’s Guide, and more.

Light Weight

Low profile when attached to a helmet.



    – Each Unit: 30 mm x 59 mm x 13 mm (1.2 in x 2.3 in x 0.5 in)
    – Mountable helmet strap width: up to 18 mm (0.7 in)

    Weight: 37 g (1.3 oz)

    Operating Temperature: -10 °C – 55 °C (14 °F – 131 °F)


    Bluetooth 4.1
    Headset Profile (HSP)
    Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
    Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
    Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)


    Working Distance: 400 meters (0.25 miles) in open terrain
    Support up to: 2 users


    Noise Cancellation: Advanced Noise Control™
    Codec: Built-in SBC Codec


    Talk Time: up to 6 hours
    Charging Time: 2.5 hours
    Charging Temperature: 0 °C – 45 °C (32 °F – 113 °F)
    Type: Lithium Polymer Battery


    CE, FCC, IC


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